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News from the Smoker

News from the Smoker

The Smoker has safely arrived in Mindelo Marina.

Cap Verde 27th June

The last 6 days we have been fishing with Pat Brian, Jim and Paul from Texas. It is their first trip to Cape Verde and they really enjoy it. We have caught 11 Blues so far out of 23 fish that we saw.All fish were caught stand up.

Cape Verde June 20th

After a few days on land we have just finished 6 days with Tobias Jansen from Germany.Fishing has picked up agian and we caught 9 Blues out of 18 bites. We raised 4 more and also had a Spearfish and a 120 lb tuna. Tobi caught all fish stand up and he did a great job on a 700 pounder.He really enjoyed his first time catching Blues on stand up using pitch baites.

Cape Verde June 10th

Morten , Kjetil, Lupert, Kent and Emil from Norway fished with us the last week.It was the slowest week a lot of guys coud remember in June.We went 2 for 7 and raiesed 4 more which did not bite.

Cape Verde May 30th

Andy Fanter was our angler for 5 days .Fishing was quiet slow, we only got 4 blues.Cape Verde May 27th

This week we fished with Juan, Tito and Ariel, also keen fishermen from the Canaries.We went a bit unlucky catching 5 out of 13. But at least we had awesome bites and fights on 50 lb stand up tackle.

Cape Verde May 20th

Manolo , Jose and Alfonso had a great week fishing 5 1/2 days catching 12 Blues.They are already looking foward to coming back next year.

Cape Verde May 12th

Our good friends from the Canaries, Luis, Emilio, Javier and Luis had a great time here, catching 12 Blues in 6 days.Emilio had a real nice one of 850 lb.

Cape Verde May 3rd

The last 6 days Bjoern, Joerg and Alfred enjoyed the experience of catching blue Marlin on 50 lb Stand up tackle, doing bait and switch. they left very happy having caught 14 Blues out of 27 bites. The biggest one was 650 lb

Cape Verde 27 april

We fished the last 4 days with the american anglers Bob and Jhon . The result was 8 for 21 . All fih were caught on 50 pound standup tackle.

Cape Verde 21 april

We have started our fishing on Cape Verde.We fished with Albi 1 1/2 days and went 4 for 7. Then we had 4 days with our friends from France catching also 4 Blue Marlin , the biggest 700 lb. Right now we are fishing with Tim Choate from the States .We have caught 3 so far. Fishing is OK for the last week, catching 1 Blue a day but the first 10 days of april were much better.We soon will se more numbers again I am sure.
Tight lines

Capt. Matthias Henningsen


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