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News from 2007

February 20th 2007

Phil and Andy left tonight back to England. Yesterday we started late and the day's result was that we jumped one Blue off over 600 lb. Today we had a bite of a 700 pounder which pulled the hook right away. A bit later we hooked up on one that looked pretty nice and released it to see an 800 pounder. 10 mintes later we had another bite of a Blue. Later we hooked up again and released another fish of 800 pound. In the afternoon we pulled the hook on a small Blue and raised a Sailfish. I can say with certainty that Phil and Andy had a great fishing trip, catching 7 Blues, 3 of them of 800 and one of 950 plus.
Tight lines, Matthias

Feburary 17th 2007

We are fishing right now with Phil and Andy from England, who visited Ascension to fish with us in november 2005. The day before yesterday we had a good day with Andy catching a 200 lb Blue and later we had another bite and finally Phil got a 800 plus pounder, his biggest fish ever. Today we went out at 08:30 and fished in front of Georgtown. Shy came out a bit later and went a bit more north raising a small Blue right away, pulling the hooks on another one 10 minutes later and another 10 minutes later releasing a 400 pounder. After these 30 minutes of action neither Shy nor we saw anything. I stayed in the area waiting for the action to start again. At 14:30 we raised a small Blue which finally knocked out the long rigger lure, but did not hook up. 10 minutes later I saw a nice fish on the Ascension pro Jet Lure on the long left. On the second attempt we hooked up and the fish jumped twice and took some 200 meters of the reel. I estimated the fish over 800. We had a long and hard fight with the fish, getting some 4 jumps after 30 minutes of fighting. After one hour and 20 minutes of fighting with 55 lb of drag the fish was still swimming strong and pulling line when we got the leader. We got her to the side of the boat, cut the hook and let her go. It was one of the nice Ascension Blues and I call her 950 pound. Shy was 30 meters away taking some videos and Olaf was sure the fish was easy over the mark. All in all it was a great day for all of us and congratulations to Phil who has toped his 800 pounder from 2 days ago.
Tight lines to everybody,
Matthias Henningsen

February 6th 2007
We had the honor to fish with Tim Choate, former owner of Artmarina Fishing in Guatemala and Brasil. We caught with him 4 Blue Marlin out of 8 bites and raised a few more. Shy also caught 4 Blues the last 6 days. The biggest fish we saw was around 600lb and Shy caught one around 700 and pulled the hooks on a 800 plus.
Tight Lines,
Matthias Henningsen

January 31st 2007
We have finished our first 6 days of fishing in the 2007 season. Walter, Marc and Martin, who have been in Ascension for he 4th time, love the inshore fishing on light line so we spent the first 4 days pretty much on catching Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado. The last 2 days we went with them Marlin fishing and caught 2 out of 4 bites. We raised 3 more Blues durig these 2 days which did not bite. Shy went 1 for 5 for the last 2 days, but their fish was a nice one of 700 lb.
Tight lines,
Matthias Henningsen

January 2nd 2007
We are coming closer to starting the new season. On 16th January we fly down to Ascension and on 24th we start fishing until the end of April. Check our site for the fishing reports from end of January. We are sure Ascension will once again bring a lot of exciting moments for our anglers.
We take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We hope that each one of you had a wonderful Holiday Season.
Tight lines,
Matthias Henningsen

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