viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

New Season 2014

Thanks to All our anglers! We had another great year of fishing on Cape Verde, Ascension Island and the Canaries.

Some of our results were.

- a 1320 lb Blue Marlin !!
- 114 Blue Marlin in 3 month !!
- Over 500 Tuna caught on Harmattan !!
- uncounted bycatch such as Wahoo and Jacks !!

For next year we still have some free weeks during the whole season on Ascension.
Cape Verde we still have a week in march and 2 weeks in october.
Canaries still some weeks for the summer season July and august.

Hope to see you next year again

Capt. Matthias Henningsen

sábado, 13 de julio de 2013

Cape Verde 5 th July End of season

Our last Customers were Morten and Hermann from Norway. They released 5 Blue Marlin and had a very good time on the SMOKER.

Dino from Mozambique fished the 4th of July World Cup with us , but no luck. The day before he caught a 200 plus big Eye tuna.

Our season is over now for 2013.
SMOKER , his anglers and crew managed to release 114 Blue Marlin in 98 days of fishing.

Thanks to all our anglers and crew.

Special thanks to Black Bart Lures, Makaira Pulling Lures , Andy Moyes and Pelagic Gear to rig us up with nice tackle.

For 2014 we still have 3 weeks available on CV. Please also check our results on Ascension Island and the Canaries.

Capt. Matthias Henningsen

lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Ascension Island 15 th June

Kai Witt and his anglers from Germany had a great time at their first visit to Ascension Island. They caught a lot of different species, including countless tuna and amberjacks. The boys also got 4 tuna over 100 KG . They come back for sure as ASC is hard to beat for getting your rod bend.

lunes, 10 de junio de 2013

Ascension Island 8th June

Great tuna fishing on Ascension. All the guys are catching nice tuna up to 250 lb. Average are tuna from 50 to 120 lb but there are quiet afew nice ones around. Apart from that countless jacks and grouper for our jiggers.

Cape Verde June 08

We had 5 days of very bad weather and slow fishing. Really unlucky for Clive, Dave and Rob who only caught 1 Blue and had another 3 bites. Terrible wind gave us now  chance to move and find some fish somewhere else.

After fishing and weather became better and Stefan Kreupel caught 6 Blues out of 13 bites. He raised another 5 fish which did not bite.

viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Cape Verde 30th May

Bjoern came back with his friends Max, Sally and John. Fishing was slow and weather terrible but at least they caught a 750 lb Blue during their 4 days and had 3 more bites.
It was Sallys first Blue Marlin ever!!

Cape Verde 26 May

Like every year we fished with our good friends Fita, Manolo and Pepe from the Canary Islands.
WE went to San Nicolau for 4 days and fished another 2 days in Mindelo.
We ended up with 10 Blue Marlin releases out of 14 bites.
Fita caught her first Blue Marlin stand up, pitching a Balyhoo to him.
Well done and see you next year!

martes, 21 de mayo de 2013

May 22

We had Jens and Karl for 6 days on SMOKER and went to San Nicolau. Fishing was good for the first 4 days and we caught 16 Blues out of 32 bites. The last 2 days were slow and we only got one bite.

After Bob, Wade and Tom fished with us. This week was a bit slower but we still managed to release 6 Blue Marlin and 1 Yellowfin Tuna. For Tom it was his first Blue Marlin ever.

martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Cape Verde May 4th

Mike and John just finished their 2 week trip on SMOKER. We fished in San Nicolau, San Antao and Sao Vicente always trying to be on the top spot.
Mike and John managed to release 38 Blue Marlin out of 71 bites. An average of 5 Blue Marlin seen per day.
The biggest were 650 and 600 pound, most fish in the 250 to 350 range with a few 400 to 500 pounder.
Thank you Mike and John, see you next year again.

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Cape Verde 21 april

We are fishing with Mike and John from Florida , some very keen Marlin fishermen. The first 4 days we went 4 for 9 . Fishing is on and off and tomorrow we go to San Antao where one boat had some great fishing today.

viernes, 12 de abril de 2013

Cape Verde 12 april

SMOKER has been fishing San Nicolau the last 4 days and caught 11 Blue Marlin out of 20 bites. We raised another 4 Blue Marlin which did not bite.
Albi, Bjoern and Pat doing very well on the pitch bait. Weather is good and we are looking forward to go out tomorrow.

lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

Cape Verde 31 March

Fisihing still is not real hot but there are a few around. San Nicolau has still green water , Sao vicente does not show a lot of bait and most fish are in Sao Antao at the moment. SMOKER fished 4 days in Sao Antao with our norwegian anglers and they released 5 Blue Marlin. That was their first Marlin experience so they went very happy.Thank you Robert, Niels, Arne and Rune for a great time.

Now we fish with our long time friends from Finnland . They brought around a new friend and caught today his first Blue Marlin ever, a 450 pounder!
Congrats to Ismo!

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2013

Ascension GRANDER 19. Feb. 2013

Another GRANDER for Harmattan on Ascension!!

Angler Kevin from the UK caught his first Blue Marlin ever and it weighed in at 1320 lb !!!

Great fish and Congrats to Kevin, Olaf, Colin, Emil and Phil.

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013

Ascension Feb. 2013

The marlinbite is pretty slow but the guys on HARMATTAN are catching a lot of tuna and other inshore species. Most tuna re around 40 to 100 lb but ther are always some nice ones like this 234 lb pound big eye.

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2013

Ascension Island Feb 02 2013

2013 Season has started! HARMATTAN is on the water again. They boys were catching a lot of tuna, dorados and jacks during the first week.
They released a 700 lb Blue Marlin, pulled the hook on another one and raised a real NICE ONE which did not bite.