domingo, 31 de enero de 2010

ASC 31 Jan.

The last 3 days the guys did some mixed fishing, catching Dorados, Wahoo, Jacks and Tuna. During the time of trolling we lost a 400 lb Blue jsut after the bite and caught a nice Mako Shark on the Ascension Pro Jet.

jueves, 28 de enero de 2010

ASC 28Jan.

Today it was the first day for Kent and Henrik from Sweden. In the morning they caught some jacks and Dorados and in the afternoon they got a 350 lb Blue Marlin.

Asc 26Jan.

The last 2 days we caught some Dorados and Wahoos, we also raised 3 Sails and real nice Blue Marlin who just had a look at the lures and went away.Thank you Stefano, Alvise and Massimo for joining us again on Ascension!

domingo, 24 de enero de 2010

ASC 24.Jan

Yesterday the boys were catching Wahoo, Dorados and Jacks to bend the rods. Today they raised a Blue Marlin around 400 lb but never got a bite out of him. Conditions are looking good with plenty of Dorados and Bonitos around. More coming soon.

viernes, 22 de enero de 2010

ASC 22.Jan

Yesterday the guys caught a few Dorados and lost a Blue Marlin after a few minutes. Today they first caught some dorados and jacks and later in the day Massimo caught a nice one of 700 lb ...happy faces on Harmattan!!

miércoles, 20 de enero de 2010

ASC 20 Jan.

Yesterday Harmattan had a bite of a Blue but pulled him off. Today Alvise caught another Blue Marlin stand up and had a few bites of Dorados. The sea is nice and plenty of Dorados around and also school size yellowfin.

lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Ascension Island 2010 / 18th jan

Harmattan was out for the first day 2010! Stefano, Jacopo and Massimo from Italy are with us again. Stefano got a 250 lb Blue Marlin. Sea is looking good with plenty of Mahi Mahi and Wahoo around.
More coming soon.