jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Cape Verde 16 July

Heinz, Sven and Fin from Germany are fishing with us at the. SAn Nicolau had some great fishing last week, with one boat hooked 31 Blues in 3 days so we decided to go to this island on tuesday morning right  one hour after the guys have arrived.
On the way 17 year old Fin got his first Marlin , a 450 pounder.
The next day we trolled the south bank of San Nicolau but the fish were gone...no boat got a fish there. We tried the Razo Bank but again nothing.
Today we started early and pulle the hook on a Blue right in the morning.We passed the bankds again but no sign of life, so we went back to San Vicente. Arriving to the north in the late afternoon Sven caught also his first Blue of 450 lb !
Doña Pi fished the south today and pulled the hook on one. Yesterday they went to San Antao and got a 750 lb Blue.

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